Rose Revival Facial Mist

Rose Revival Facial Mist

$ 22.00

Stay Close to your Divine Essence

Revive your mind and spirit with our 100% pure floral hydrosol facial mists. This blend of rose water and other pure floral waters will balance your spirit, revive your senses and rejuvenate your skin. Promotes a sense of security and spiritual attunement, calms, cools and relieves stress and exhaustion.

Each bottle of our facial mist contains the essence of thousands of fresh flowers that offer the healing benefits of plant science. Our unique therapeutic blends will not only hydrate the skin, but will leave you feeling balanced and re-energized.They are perfect to use at the office, while traveling, at the gym or studio. Use before applying moisturizer as part of your daily skincare routine. Our face mists are nontoxic. No alcohol, synthetic fragrances or perfumes. Always cruelty-free.

To use, simply close your eyes, hold a few inches away from face, and spray.