Self Care Essentials

Detox your morning routine with these self-care essentials.

Leave your lotion behind (because it is full of alcohol, parabens and other toxins that your harm your skin and body) and trade it in for our Balancing After Shower Body Oil. Rich floral extracts like Neroli and Rose are subtly blended with nourishing almond and apricot kernel oils. Customer love how extremely light this oil is and how quickly it absorbs into the skin. Use after the shower while still partially damp and a little goes a long way. This 4 ounce bottle should last 1-2 months. Shop here

This is a personal favorite. Use this everyday after showering, before moisturizing on the face and body to give a hydrating boost to your skincare regime or simply carry it in your bag to use throughout the day, whenever you need a moment to revive your senses. Rose balances the skin and spirit, reduces anger and is an ultimate stress reliever. We add a little Sandalwood for grounding properties and to help repair skin cells. Shop here

Earthy, raw and ethereal, this balm is based on traditional blend of ingredients used by Rishi's in India to promote meditation. Base notes of Sandalwood with top notes of turmeric and other pure essential oils permeate a balm of aloe butter and beeswax. Gentle enough to use directly on the skin (even face) and easy to toss in your yoga bag for your next class. Find the essence of tradition in modern practice. This is the real deal. Shop here.

Get the best of Noble with our Balancing Set that includes our After Shower Body Oil and Rose Revival Facial Mist at a special price. Shop here.