7 Ayurvedic Tips for Summer

After a long, long winter and a cool spring, I think we are all ready for summer to bring on the heat! However, as the weather gets warmer, you may notice some subtle changes already taking place within you. You are not alone if you start to experience sudden breakouts or flared tempers.These are signs that you are feeling the effects of excess heat and we have a few Noble tips to help you stay cool, calm and balanced this summer.

The Ayurvedic tradition recognizes that each individual is a unique composition of elements that come together in three biological forces known as doshas. Each person's specific proportion of these forces are expressed throughout all levels of our being from emotions to skin. The three doshas are Vata (space & air), Pitta (water & fire) and Kapha (fire & earth). For those who are more of a Pitta type, the summer can be a time of imbalance. Pitta imbalance is often revealed in irritated skin in the form of heat rash or breakouts and emotionally as anger or frustration.

 Ayurveda teaches that like increases like. Pitta is characterized by heat, therefore anything that is hot will increase the proportion of this dosha. If you are experiencing any signs of Pitta excess try working a few of these practices into your daily routine:

1) Take a cool shower or bath in the morning. While most of us in the west cannot live without our steamy hot showers, those with Pitta imbalance will want to avoid this during the summer months. The cool temperature of the water will also help alleviate heat rash.

2) Avoid eating too many spicy, hot, salty and other heat inducing foods. Some include radish, raw onion, hot peppers and olives. Sour foods can also aggravate Pitta. This includes yogurt, tomatoes and vinegar. If you are experiencing extreme symptoms avoid these types of foods completely until balance is restored.

3) Eat more cold, cooling foods like broccoli, cilantro, cucumber and celery. A kale salad is also a great option.Try an icy cold, cucumber and grapefruit agua fresca. Peel and chop a cup of cucumber and juice half of a grapefruit. Blend with plenty of ice and your favorite natural sweetener (we like honey).

4) Use a facial mist or spray with cooling properties like rose and sandalwood. We love our Rose Revival Facial Mist, which is a pure hydrosol blend of rose and sandalwood. Rose extracts reduce inflammation and balances the skin and spirit. Sandalwood is cooling and grounding. Keep one in your bag to use throughout the day. Perfect product to take to the beach and pool. 

5) Yoga postures or asanas like shoulder stands and shavasana bring relief, as does walking and swimming.

6) Use oil instead of lotion on summer skin. Lotion contains high amounts of alcohol, which will further dry and aggravate your skin (and energy). Try using a pure oil that is blended with essential oils that have cooling properties. We recommend our Balancing After Shower Body Oil during the summer.

7) Know your limits. As tempting as it is to want to soak up the sun and beautiful weather as much as possible, pay attention to when your body needs a break. Feeling of irritated or exhausted is a sign that you need to head indoors and cool off. Drink or eat something cold, get your mist on and go into shavasana for a few minutes.

We would love to hear from you! Tell us if these tips have worked for you in the comments below.

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