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The Healing Benefits of Floral Hydrosols

Floral hydrosols have been sought after for their exquisite aromas and medicinal properties throughout history. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were known to have made great use of floral hydrosols for their healing and aesthetic properties in the form of infusions and ointments. Floral hydrosols are also used in many alternative and Ayurvedic medicinal therapies. Floral hydrosols are the plant- or flower-water by-product that remains from the production of an essential oil during the steam distillation process. During the cooling process, the oil-soluble component is separated out from the floral water. Since the aromatic molecules of flowers have already passed through the water, the floral hydrosol is now enriched with a mixture of beneficial aromatic properties and therapeutic benefits.  Supercharged with...

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The Power of Bitter Orange Extracts (Neroli)

Neroli can be made from the flowers of the bitter orange or sweet orange tree. Our hydrosols are made from the bitter orange tree which offer more therapeutic benefits. Aroma-therapeutic properties help one connect to the God-self within and gives confidence and strength to the mind. Neroli hydrosols are also great for the relief of depression, exhaustion and sleeplessness and can be an ally in times of stress. Neroli extracts, in both essential oil and hydrosol forms, increase circulation and stimulates new cell growth. They can prevent scarring and stretch marks, and have been found useful in treating skin conditions linked to emotional stress. Any type of skin can benefit from Neroli, although it is particularly good for dry, irritated...

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