The Healing Benefits of Floral Hydrosols

Floral hydrosols have been sought after for their exquisite aromas and medicinal properties throughout history. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were known to have made great use of floral hydrosols for their healing and aesthetic properties in the form of infusions and ointments. Floral hydrosols are also used in many alternative and Ayurvedic medicinal therapies.

Floral hydrosols are the plant- or flower-water by-product that remains from the production of an essential oil during the steam distillation process. During the cooling process, the oil-soluble component is separated out from the floral water. Since the aromatic molecules of flowers have already passed through the water, the floral hydrosol is now enriched with a mixture of beneficial aromatic properties and therapeutic benefits. 

Supercharged with deeply active elements from the essence of the plant or flower, floral hydrosols offer a misty and therapeutic way to deliver a wide range of soothing skin benefits. Floral hydrosols contain all of the essence of the plant or flower, just like essential oils. However, they are milder and ideal for applications where essential oils might be too strong. These properties make them perfect for use on face, particular over cosmetic or make-up applications. 

Water blended with essential oils or synthetic fragrance oils is often sold as floral water or floral hydrosols. These are not real floral hydrosols. True steam-distilled hydrosols contain all the nutritional components that whole plant materials have to offer. Noble Therapies uses only 100% pure floral hydrosols. This makes them gentle and safe enough to use for any skin type and constitution, including sensitive skin.

Noble Therapies pure hydrosol mists are a natural way to stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. They also provide relief for those suffering from hot flashes and are safe to use during pregnancy. Use them at the office to help relieve stress, exhaustion and eye fatigue. Try spraying a fine floral hydrosol mist after a yoga session or any time you need to take a moment to revive your senses. 

Here are some of our favorite hydrosols and their benefits:

Neroli Flower Hydrosols (Orange Blossom/Citrus aurantium)

Neroli is made from the flowers of the orange tree. Neroli hydrosols are ideal for those with mature or oily skin. Often used as a toner, Neroli hydrosols can tighten pores and provide intense nourishment for skin. Their aroma-therapeutic properties help one connect to the God-self within and gives confidence and strength to the mind. Neroli hydrosols offer relief from mild to moderate forms of depression, exhaustion and sleeplessness. 

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Rose Flower Hydrosols (Rosa spp.)

The most powerful of all hydrosols is rose, and is used in many alternative and Ayurvedic medicine therapies. It is balancing for the skin and naturally heals redness and irritation. Aroma-therapeutic properties give a sense of security and spiritual attunement, are calming, cooling and fortifying. Rose hydrosol is also known to promote openness in the heart and reduces anger.

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Sandalwood Hydrosol

Sandalwood is one of the strongest smelling plants in the world. Aroma-therapeutic qualities keep you grounded and close to your divine essence. It is antibacterial, moisturizing, and promotes tissue regeneration.  It can also provide relief from depression, insomnia and anxiety.  Sandalwood hydrosol is used in both Noble Therapies’ Rose Revival and Neroli Nirmana blends (shhh, don't tell anyone). 

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