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Guided Solar Meditation with Shiva Rea

We are overjoyed to bring you a guided meditation by Shiva Rea! Rejuvenate your mind and spirit with the healing powers of the sun. Join this internationally acclaimed teacher and author as she guides us in meditation, set amongst the inspiring beauty of a Grecian Coast.This Solar Meditation is a great introduction to using mudra and mantra as a way to connect to your internal rhythm and deepen your practice. For more information about Shiva Rea's entire DVD Meditations click here.

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The Science Behind Namaste

The Hindu greeting of putting both hands together in Namaste/Namaskar is commonly used as a way to show respect. According to an article published today, there is a scientific meaning behind this gesture as well. Pressure points for our eyes, ears and mind are in the fingers. Pressing them together activates these pressure points, which helps us remember the person we are greeting for a long time.  

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The Meaning of Mantra

The word mantra has become a common term in the yoga and self-improvement communities. However, its true meaning is very powerful and rooted deeply in ancient Vedic culture. Dr. David Frawley, esteemed author and teacher of Ayurvedic studies, states that: "mantra is the means of energizing healing methods on subtle or spiritual level". The sounds or vibrations that take place when a mantra is repeated are healing and connect us with our highest levels of being. The Bija (seed) mantras are powerful Sanskrit syllables used in meditation. Ayurveda believes that each sound has a unique vibration that has a specific effect in the physical realm. The origin of these syllables is very complex and are believed to be combinations of sounds made...

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